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  Haikou Baohua Harbour View Hotel

Baohua Harbour View Hotel is the first hotel in Hainan Province endorsed by ISO9001 and ISO14001. It is situated at the financial commercial district of Haikou city, right on the seaboard, facing the well-grassed evergreen park and the magnificent Qiongzhou Straits. It is 3 minutes car ride from the port of Haikou, 25 minutes drive from the airport and 15minutes drive from the railway station. The prime geographical location of the hotel offers you a gorgeous view of the sea and, enjoying the handy commercial facilities in combination with the gracious service provide by the hotel in light of its performance principles of hearty devotion, mutual benefit, enterprising innovation and acme of perfection. You will find the hotel a home from home. The original, connotative and graceful sail shaped design of the hotel’s exterior rose above as the marker of Haikou City, and the interior 21- meter high grand lobby of the hotel is constructed in light of the good traditional Chinese geomantic omen, hence its unique quadrangular glass vault which inspires will-lighting.

The 418(suites of )rooms of the hotel fall into the categories of a standard town-view room, a standard sew-view room, a sea-view suite and a sumptuous suite of either European, or Chinese, or Japanese style, plus a presidential suite of the Ming style of ancient China. Life takes on a certain glow when you make your choice either for a bird’s eye view of the town, or for a panoramic view of the gorgeous Evergreen Park and the Qiongzhou Straits.

The newly-renovated city-view rooms & sea-view rooms, focusing on nature and environment-protection, bear characteristics of elegance as well as refreshment. There are high quality sea-view single rooms, deluxe sea-view rooms and sea-view suites on the newly-renovated executive floor. You will feel highly esteemed while you stay here. Baohua VIP Lounge is on the 28th floor, from where you can enjoy the picturesque landscape with sea and sky blending together. Here you can also appreciate the grand scene of Qiongzhou Straits and experience the rapid and convenient services provided by the executive floor. After check-in, you can also enjoy the complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea here.

Luscious delicacies from around the world served by the hotel in a meticulous and considerate attitude provide you, the veritable gourmet, and your distinguished guests with the cream of cuisine art.

The fully-equipped multi-function hall and the professional conference room provide you with exclusive spaces for conventions and banquets of various sizes; and the business center and the flight ticket office offer ready and handy service for your business and tour.

A wide selection of recreational facilities, including a night club and a sauna room, are furnished in the center for your leisure activities.

Baohua Harbour View Hotel, which is among the ten top hotels of Hainan province and the first group of prestigious tourist hotels in Haikou City, enjoys a prime geographical location. The hotel requests the presence of you from home and abroad with its standard features of personal service.

Currently our hotel has a café, a Thai Style Restaurant, a Royal Flavor Restaurant, a Garden View Chinese Restaurant, a Snooker Bar, a Korean Restaurant Kyungbokgong and so on, through which we can offer you delicious food of different tastes. It can be said to be the hotel with most varieties of food in Haikou, among which the decoration style and food variety of Thai Style Restaurant, Royal Flavor Restaurant, and Korean Restaurant Kyungbokgong enjoy unique characteristics in Hainan Island. It is one of the “designated delicious food providers” for past plenums of Coconut Festival and “Model Sanitary Units” in municipal and provincial level competitions. There are all sorts of delicious foods enjoying different characteristics in our hotel. You can taste foods from different regions with different flavors. In this paradise of delicious food you can enjoy foods to your heart’s content while appreciating cooking art. As an honored guest, you can enjoy your meal in the following restaurants with the room card given to you by our hotel at favorable prices.

Café The graceful and comfortable coffee shop is in the first floor of the hotel to offer you various and delicious western buffet breakfast every day. There are also a great category of American, Continental and Chinese breakfast as well as Chinese and Western lunch and dinner for you to choose from. One cup of fragrant tender tea or coffee of thick fragrant smell after meal will bring you an honorable feeling in Baohua Hotel.

Royal Flavor RestaurantThe splendid Royal Flavor Restaurant is on the second floor of the hotel. Eight boxes are specially arranged inside. The classical taste, exquisite food and individualized service will give you a special feeling. The palace restaurant will also offer you Chinese special palace dishes with the exquisite materials and fine workmanship which will contribute to your longevity and skin. The brand foods are as follows: Yellow Dry-cooked Shark’s fins, First Grade Abalone, Assorted Sea Foods and Fowl Meat in Casserole, Big Fresh Abalone specially made with the method in the Palace of Qing Dynasty, Clear Soup with Bird’s Nest, Sanyuan Cow Head, etc.

Thai Style Restaurant The Thailand Restaurant is on the second floor of the hotel and is fitted up in Thai style with full of exotic atmosphere. The main food here are traditional Thai dishes and the raw materials as well as the traditional cooking skill of Thailand which will bring real Thai customs, flavor and the most beautiful blessing to you!

Garden View Chinese Restaurant The Garden View Chinese Restaurant is on the third floor of the hotel which mainly offers the famous Chaoyue (Chaozhou, Guangdong) dishes and Hainai local flavors elaborately cooked by well-known chefs. There are seven boxes in the restaurant, respectively called Beckoning the moon, Jasper lake, Emerald, Apricot Blossom, Brocade, Jade Emblem, Spring Sunshine. The restaurant is also equipped with two honored guest halls—Deep Fragrance and Joyful Ocean with the seating capacity of 30-50 person. The Garden View Chinese Restaurant is specialized in traditional Chaoyue dishes, early Hongkong-style morning tea with full display of famous Chaoyue and Hong Kong dishes. Meanwhile, we also serve various fresh green foods to meet your requirement of healthy and environmental protection.

Snooker Bar The Continental style bar is equipped with various recreational facilities such as America pocket billiard, English pocket billiard, table tennis, chess and card, dart, electronic game and dice cup which will release your personality.

Korean Restaurant KyungbokgongThe Korean Restaurant Kyungbokgong is on the third floor of the hotel. Here are served the traditional South Korea foods famous for its nutritive value and special taste. The Korea iron plates cooking attached with traditional hot pot cooking, exquisite Korea pickles, South Korean Zhenglu Shochu, beer, various South Korean beverages are available here. The landlady will offer you the South Korean cooking elaborately made by herself as well as the traditional Korea type service. The representative dishes are Cold Buckwheat Noodles, Roast Beef, Roast Fat Pork, Rice Mix with Assorted Vegetables and Meat in Marmite, Cake.

Meeting Room

            Business Center

Your can release yourself and enjoy the magnificent life with the fully equipped large-scale KISS Night Club, swimming pool, sauna, massage centre, beauty salon, gymnasium, billiard room, table tennis room, chess & card room, etc.


Billiard Room

Swimming Pool

Beauty Salon

The Night Club is on the 4th and 5th floor of the hotel with an area of 3000 square meters. There are the slow bar of lonely style and luxurious KTV boxes. The slow bar of lonely style is completely newly decorated in a dreamlike way, and the HIP-HOP music will permeate your soul. You can also enjoy the slow rock music with the large stage team consisting of beautiful and passionate models from various places, dancers and charming singers. Dozens of medium and high grade luxurious KTV boxes are in different styles with the modern element decoration inside. The top video and audio effects and the quality service enjoy great prestige in Haikou.

Night Club

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