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  Hainan Island

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Hainan Tourist Attractions
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Tropical Seaside Holiday Tour

A total of 50-60 per cent of the 1580km long coastline of Hainan Island is composed of beaches that are several hundred or 1,000m wide. These beaches have a slope of about 5 degrees, and the sea water has a temperature of 18-30℃.These beaches are thus good for seawater, sand, wind and sunbaths. Vacationing at the beaches, you can take part in the colorful activities of swimming, maritime motorcycling, sailing, diving, fishing, golfing, tennis, bowling, and dancing and singing as well.

Tropical Primeval Rainforest Holiday Sightseeing

There are five tropical primeval forest areas in Hainan Province: Wuzhi Mountain, Bawang Ridge, Jianfeng Ridge, Diaoluo Mountain and Limu Mountain Forest Area, which have tropical rainforest climate with warm winter and cool summer. The average annual temperature is 22.4℃. At present, Hainan Island has offered tropical rainforest holiday, recuperation, scientific research and exploration at Jianfeng Ridge and Wuzhi Mountain.

Hot Spring Holiday Resort
Hainan Island is rich in under-ground hot spring resources with water temperature of 45℃ to 92℃ and the various elements in the water are necessary for human body. At present, some hot spring tourist spots have been constructed with combination of holiday resort, sports exercise and health care.

Golf Holiday and Building-up
Hainan Island has pleasant weather, which is suitable for golf playing all year round. At present, Hainan has constructed 15 golf courses and set up golf clubs. The golf courses locate in seaside, lakeside, near the hot spring or central cities and within the tourist resorts, which can be used to hold all kinds of international and domestic golf matches, golf club activities and body-building for family and individuals.

Diving and Sightseeing in South China Sea
Hainan Province has good conditions of diving. The seawater is warm all year round, 6 to 10 metres’ transparency without pollution, most suitable for diving and sightseeing.

Li and Miao Nationalities Flavor Sightseeing

Li and Miao Nationalities Flavor Sightseeing and Holiday Tourist has the features of Hainan national cultural tradition with combination of sightseeing and holiday.

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Yalong Bay

Complimented by tourists, Yalong Bay is called as China’s Hawaii.In a sense, Yalong Bay is a symbole of Sanya. Whenever tourists marvel at the beauty of Sanya,what appears in their mind is the water and beach at Yalong Bay.

Approved for construction in October 1992,the Yalong Bay, covered with 18.6 square kms, is the only state-level tropical seaside resort.

The most striking view of the bay is the sea and the beach.The seawater is crystal clear with visibility as far down as 10 meters .Under the surface is colourful tropical fish,making it an deal destination for divers.

After 10 years of construction,Yalong Bay has built into a first-rate natioal tourism and recreational resort.It has six hotels at five-star and four-star level,two golf courses,a lido,luxurious villas,coference center,an underwater world,an on-the-sea center,a yacht club, etc.,providing tourists a complete range of catering,accomodation,travelling,and shopping and recreational service.

The landmark in the bay is the central square,where stands a 26.8-meter high stone pillar engraved with the gods of the sun,wind,rain,thunder and lightning as well as auspicious animals in Chinese culture.

There are two more tourist attractions in Yalong Bay-the Sea Shell Museum and Butterfly Park.The Sea shell Museum,the first of its kind in China,has a vast collection of all kinds of sea shells and coral retrieved from the world oceans.The Butterfly Park actually is a gigantic steel-wire net,in which tourists would be able to see all butterflies fluttering around you.

Aspring to the best resort in Asia, Yalong Bay is building more attractions,among which is a costly on-the-sea amusement park.

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Tianyahaijiao which means the end of sky and the corner of the sea, is located at the southwest seaside of Sanya city, Hainan Island. The overall plan of the scenic spot includes a land area of 10. 4square kilometres and a sea area of 6 square kilometre.

Roaming in Tianyahaijiao, you can see the dreamlike coastal scenery in the fantastic southern atmosphere and you will be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts: Is there a sea beyond the sea and a sky beyond the sky?

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Luhuitou Park

According to a legend,an athenic Li man hunted a doe down mountains and cornered it at the seashore.When he raised his bow and shot an arrow, there was a flash of firelight and a cloud of smoke,and the doe turned its head to look back at him and changed into a beautiful girl.Falling love instantly,they got married and settled down on the deserted island.They built a thatched huts and made a living by fishing,farming and hunting.Year by year,the place where they dwelled grow into a village of ethnic Li people and the mountain later was named “Luhuitou”(“the deer turning its head”).

Because of the legendary romance,Luhuitou has been a special place for lovers to express their feeling to one another.And a theme park has been built with a high marble looking-back deer statue standing on the top of the mountain.

As well as the theme sulpture, the park has many other attractions featuring love, such as statue of matchmaker god,the”husband-and-wife tree”, the matchmaker Hongniang,the cliff inscribed with huge Chinese character for”love”,the “one hundred love rock ”,and rose village,etc.On November 18,every day,hundreds of newlyweds and couples gether in park for the Sanya International Wedding Festival.At the dinner party hosted by wedding organization,the couples ware ornament like traditional lock,symbolizing they would gether forever.

The park is also a good place to see Sunset,Sunrise,sea and Sanya night.

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Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Nanshan (south mountain ), facing Chinese South Sea ,situated 40 miles west of Sanya ,the only tropical seaside city in China ,is the southernmost mountain in China .

Nanshan has been deemed an auspicious and blessing land in Brahma. According to the record from Buddhism scriptures , the Guanyin Buddha vowed twelve oaths to save all living beings. To dwell at South sea permanently is the second oath of the twelve. Master Jianzhen, the renowned Monk in Tang Dynasty, tried in vain five times to sail eastward to Japan for preach of Buddha’s teaching. On his fifth sail to Japan, he was drifted to Nanshan. While staying in Nanshan for one year and a half, he set up a temple and did missionary work, and then, finally succeeded in his sixth voyage to Japan. The Japanese travel Monk named Konghai also landed Nanshan on his way to learn Buddhism in Tang Dynasty. The well know saying “good fortune as vast as East Sea, long life as great as Nanshan Mountain” shows further the Nanshan’s origin of relations between Chinese traditional culture of auspicious and longevity.

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is a rare extra large-scale eco-cultural tourism zone with an area of 50 square km including sea area of more than 10 square km. Backing on its beautiful sea and mountain landscape and rich historical culture resource. Nanshan will be built into several cultural theme parks and resorts including Buddhism Park. Historical site in India, world of Auspicious and Longevity, Statues of Fairy Tales, Gate Scenery District, relevant hotels, vocation villas and other facilities. Among those, the construction of nanshan Buddhism Cultural Theme Park was started in Nov.1995 and was completed and opened to the public in April 1998. The park consists of sites and sceneries with Buddhist Culture including “Nanshan temple”, “Nanshan Guanyin Statue on South Sea”, “Savior Garden”, “Auspicious Garden”, “Longevity Valley”, and “Small Moon Bay”. There are attractions like “Gold and Jade Guanyin Statue” which has been put into the World Guinness Record, the world largest Stone ink “Dragon-Phoenix Stone Ink”, “Brahma Bells Garden”, and further more a marvelous phenomenon and world focus, the giant Nanshan Guanyin Statue with “three figures in one” standing on the South Sea with the height of 108 m , called ”The No.1 Statue project in the world as well as in the century”. This project took construction period of 6 years and had a Grand Buddhist Revealing Ceremony on April 24,2005 . it was really a great event of Buddhism occurring only once in a thousand years.

Nanshan, with its harmony and beauty, is now a tourist destination attracting more and more tourists coming from all over the world. It is here that people can enjoy themselves not only in the great tropical ecological environment with sunshine, sea, sand, blossom, and greenery but also can feel with heart deep within the real beauty of peace and harmony of Buddhism culture and taste the joyfulness of returning to the nature.

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