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China’s capital is the place to begin your visit for it is here where this complex country is encapsulated. The ancient, the modern and the rush for more modern being driven by the 2008 Summer Olympics may be studied side by side. The Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368), the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) have left behind the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, Tian’anmen Square the Summer Palace, and the Great Wall. Coming soon around the corner, will be completion of astounding architectural endeavors like the Olympic Stadium, the Central Chinese Television headquarters and the National Grand Theater which is a beautiful and bizarre titanium accented giant glass egg that looks to be floating on a lake. All of this is layered on a city that’s already spent the last decade modernizing so there is no shortage of luxury lodging, world class shopping, nightlight and entertainment. The sum of Beijing’s many parts add up to the most intriguing metropolises on earth.

Huatang International Golf Club 

7,062 yards
Graham Marsh

Located in the East Beijing Yanjiao Economic Development Zone of Beijing, within 30 minutes drive from the China World Trade Center , Huatang International Golf Club occupies an area of over 1,000,000 square meters,and its convenient location on the major traffic lines provides the ultimate venue for the distinguished executives of the central business district of Beijing(CBD).
Huatang International Golf Club is designed by Mr. Graham Marsh, a well known Australian architect specializing in Golf course designing for over 25 years. Set in a natural and tranquil environment. the club boasts a 18-hole golf course, a driving range, a golf academy, a pro-shop, and a clubhouse. The unique fairways, multiple bunks ready to grap slightly errant shots…have attracted golfers from all over the world.

Despite providing daily services to our members and guests, Huatang International Golf Club has been dedicating to hosting major golf championships and events. From 2002, Huatang has hosted with success the LiNing Cup, the North Star-Mercedes Benz Championship, the Jianguo Hotel Invitational, the China World Hotel Invitational, the Bohai Oilman Invitational Golf Tournament and Mercedes-Benz China National Golf Event 2004. In the year 2004, we won the nomination prize as one of the 10 best golf courses in China , which supported by China Golf Association.
Driving Range: 21-Bay, net less, and designed as a fairway. The professional coaches can help you to walk on to the green in confident steps.

Pro-shop: providing various famous golf brands.

Coffee-bar: A place you could have a rest before or after your golfing.

Beer-garden: Open and natural surrounding, where you could enjoy your drinks or BBQ with your friends.

Restaurant: Provides a comfortable and convenient dinning environment.

Club-house: The Clubhouse has been soft-opening from August 16.

Sunny-coffee room: Where you could enjoy coffee or tea meanwhile watching those golfers hitting the balls on the green.

Ballroom: The Ballroom, with its domed 7.0 meters ceiling and 280 square meters, which has a maximum capacity of 180 people. The Ballroom is simply unique, ensuring the most memorable of Banquets in green and natural surroundings.

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Pine Valley Clubhouse 

Jack Nicklaus

Designed by world golf course designer Jack Nicklaus and his son, and is under supervision by the world famous golf course and landscape designer Suraphan Ngamgitsuksri.The course is 433 hectares, 72 par and 7134 yards. The international standard golf course is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and is richly endowed by the nature .While experiencing the joys of the top-class golf course designed by masters, every player will be in awe with the nature of picturesque scenery. The green grass surrounds you from every angle, gusts of winds are blowing in your face, and you can almost reach the blue sky in your hand. Experience the unique leisure and joys from a great golf experience.   

The Clubhouse is designed by the world famous British GA.Dsign office, with a total area of 13,000m2. Pine Valley Clubhouse focus on the humanism international standard service from layout to hardware and software, where you can feel the earnest and extraordinary creation. Its style is rarefied, the facility is complete and it’s very exclusive, which is called the first clubhouse in Beijing.







The Chinese Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Japanese Restaurant, English style pub, Outdoor Tea Lounge, Garden Bar, Board Meeting Rooms, Multi-function Conference Room and Golf Pro-shop are available in the club house. Besides, it also has Private Locker, Jacuzzi Pool, Sauna & Steam bath, Oxygen Napping Room, Spa and Beauty Salon in the bright and spacious changing areas which provide traditional Chinese, Thai massage and foot cure services. VIP and family area are the best place for members and their family to upgrade golf and leisure life.The environment and facilities of club house will satisfy all need of successful people who comes here for no matter golfing, resting, business entertainment or family gathering.

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