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Guilin is a key tourist city of well-known culture and history in china . More people come to Guilin for a visit,deeply impressed and giving high praises.  
Guilin is situated along the Lijiang River,which is a attractive in itself.The beauty of water and the Karst peaks towering into the sky have attractedtravelers to this area for centuries.
Along the Lijiang Rive are two  famous peaks,Fubo Hill and Xiangbi Hill ,each proudly showing off Guilin’s unique scenery. 
While Guilin is a very beautiful place, many travelers simply pass though Guilin on the way to their true destination , Yangshuo. What make this place especially lovely are the people. Yangshuo is home to Zhuang, Yao, Miao and eight other minority groups. Each minority group bears their own customs and traditions.
The common favorite amongst all of the groups is the Song Competition. Each year, the song competition activities are held at the foot of Moon Hill on a mid-autumn day. For the competition, young people from the minority groups climb up to the hill top and sing a love song for their lovers.

Guilin Merryland Golf Club

7073 yards
Mr.Golden Louise

Guilin Merryland golf club is the largest golf club in Guangxi. And it is also the only one in China with 18 holes foothill course of international standard. Following American USGA regulation, we make our Merryland golf course with a golf path of 7073 yard and 72 par. It is specially designed by American designer, Golden Louise. It is multi-functional golf course including sports, entertainment, travelling and business meeting. While playing, you can also enjoy the special scenery of world best. It is a wise choice for you to buy our member card.

We appoint professional manager of golf playing and offer international standard facilities. We have professional gardener and trained golf caddie at your service. After playing, you can go to the exquisite royal golf club for a rest.

The frontal nine holes and the back nine holes have sharp different style. The frontal nine holes is based on hills and set a pond turning the path, which increase the difficulty of playing greatly. The American foothills at the each side of the path change so diversely. The bunker is a popular topic of the golf players. The back nine holes are divided by water. Green is hiding in the valley. The ladder-like green is a great challenge for players. The unique subsection path will test your distance judgement and ball controlling.

There are 60 professional paths at the training course with the instruction of our professional trainer. We also provide you with Chinese restaurant, cafe, meeting room, sauna and gift shop. Lodging in the 5-star villas.

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